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  Yuan-cheng company specializing in the production of cold-rolled metal wire have been forty-two years experience in the industry,
the domestic customer base across the north region, while some foreign countries in China and Southeast Asian countries.

In response to market demand, the company into the United States in 2002 on advanced technology,
the use of precision molds shapedwire,
everything from a variety of square, flat, straight angle, semi-circular, elliptical, and the special requirements of special-shapedwire,
the Company has been able to achieve,

Hope in the future, the global business partners in all regions,
but also provides an excellent stability and wire.

YUAN CHENG create unlimited possibilities

You have an idea, I have a way

Our company professional skills in the industry for many years, the professional knowledge of the technical staff and the best communication services, let your ideas be converted into physical, we are confident to give you the best and best products, sincerely look forward to your visit

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